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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green Card Medical Exam Report - Validity Extended Again

In an interim memo posted by the USCIS on 01/14/2011, USCIS announced that the policy of extending the validity period of the medical examination report (I-693) during the pendency of the I-485 green card application is extended for another year until 01/01/2012. 

All green card applicants must submit a medical examination report endorsed by a designated U.S. physician.  Normally, such a report is only valid for one year.  However, due to the delayed adjudication of I-485 applications, USCIS extended the validity of the I-693 report until the time when the I-485 is finally adjudicated.  Such a policy, which was set to expire in January, is extended again by USCIS for another year.   The only exception is that if the report indicates that the applicant is suffering from Class A or Class B medical condition (e.g., contagious diseases, drug addiction, etc.)

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