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Monday, July 15, 2013

August Visa Bulletin: EB-2 India advances to 01/01/2008

Ever since October 2012, EB-2 India has been retrogressed and the cut-off date has been kept at September 1, 2004.   However, this is about to change in August.  The August Visa Bulletin announces that EB-2 India's cut-off date will be changed to 01/01/2008, representing an advancement of three years and four months.  Sudden movements in the cut-off dates are not unusual during this time of the fiscal year, which ends September 30th. These movements are intended to generate more green card and immigrant visa applications so that any remaining visa numbers for the fiscal year will be used up.   This is also precisely the reason why the Family 2A preference category becomes current in August for all countries.  

Eligible applicants should take advantage of these movements and file their green card applications as soon as possible.  As intended by the State Department, the significant advancement in EB-2 India and the "current" status of the Family 2A will likely generate a large number of filings, which will cause the pendulum to swing to the other side again - the side of visa retrogression.  Therefore, do not delay in filing your green card applications if your case has become current.   Overseas applicants should start their NVC or consular processing immediately.  Applicants residing in the U.S. should prepare and submit their adjustment applications domestically with the USCIS.

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