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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Five-year travel history can now be accessed on CBP I-94 system

Have you as a visitor ever tried to remember the exact date of entering the United States two years ago?  Or have you lost an old I-94 record of arrival/departure that you need for an application?  The new upgrade to the CBP's I-94 retrieval system could be the solution to these problems.  Since its inception last year, the CBP I-94 system was limited by its ability to generate only the last entry record of foreign visitors.  Starting today (May 1, 2014), the system has been upgraded to allow users to retrieve I-94s from within the last five years. To retrieve older I-94s, visitors must still file a Form I-102 application with USCIS.  Such an upgrade will prove to be extremely useful for many foreign visitors.

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