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Monday, July 20, 2015

USCIS To Conduct Home Visits to Recall DACA EADs

Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen imposed a 07/17/2015 deadline for USCIS to recall a few thousand incorrectly issued 3-year Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) from DACA beneficiaries, in relation to his temporary injunction against USCIS execution of the DAPA Program

These beneficiaries should have been issued 2-year EAD cards instead.  Some applicant had already returned their 3-year EAD cards to USCIS,  but there are still some outstanding cards out there.   USCIS has informed the immigrant communities that it will be conducting home visits to retrieve these EADs. USCIS will at first conduct a “pilot” program in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and potentially San Francisco, to be expanded to other areas with large percentages of DACA beneficiaries.  A receipt will be issued to DACA beneficiaries who return their EADs. DACA beneficiaries may also return their EAD cards to any USCIS Field Offices.  

It is very important for DACA beneficiaries to return their incorrectly issued 3-year EAD cards as soon as possible, if they haven't done so.  Otherwise, they could lose eligibility to DACA and other immigration benefits. 

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