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Monday, October 5, 2015

Public Law 111-230 Fees No Longer Required for H-1B and L-1 Petitions

As of October 1, 2015, the additional fees imposed under Public Law 111-230 is no longer required.

Public Law 111-230 became effective on August 13, 2010.  It required employers with 50 or more employees in the U.S. and had more than 50% of its workforce who were in H-1B or L visa status to pay the new fees.  For H-1B petition, the additional fee was $2000. For L-1A or L-1B petitions, the additional fee was $2250.  The additional fee requirement expired on Sept. 30, 2015.  

However, all other H-1B and L-1 fees, including the Base fee, Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee, and American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 (ACWIA) Fee when applicable, are still required. Petitions with incorrect fees may be rejected. 

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