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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Premium Processing Available to H-1B CAP Filings

USCIS has confirmed in a stakeholder phone conference today that premium processing services will be available this year (FY2019) for H-1B cap cases. 

Premium Processing Service provides expedited processing for certain employment-based petitions and applications. Specifically, USCIS guarantees  a 15-calendar-day processing schedule to those petitioners or applicants who pay for an additional fee of $1225.  The 15-day will start from a designated date after April 1st for cap H-1B filings.  It means that USCIS will either approve, deny or issue a Request for Evidence or Intent to Deny notice within 15 days or they will refund the money. There is a also designated phone number and email address for inquiries at USCIS for premium cases. 

Regular processing of H-1B cap cases can take months to process.  For instance, USCIS is still adjudicating some cap cases filed in April 2017. 

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  1. On 03/30/2018, USCIS announced suspension of premium processing services for this year's cap case till 9/10/2018