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Monday, October 14, 2013

UK to make it easier for Chinese nationals to obtain entry visas

During his trade trip to China, Chancellor George Osborne recently announced that the UK will make changes in its visa requirements to make it easier for Chinese citizens to obtain visas to visit the Great Britain.
Currently, Chinese citizens can travel to all European Union countries with one single visa.  However, a separate visa is required for them to enter the UK.  Some visa changes announced by Osborne include:

1) Chinese nationals will no longer be required to obtain separate visas if they book their trips through designated travel agents.

2) A mobile visa scheme that is already being used in Beijing and Shanghai will be expanded as well. The application process under this mobile visa scheme reportedly takes less than five minutes.

3) Finally, Chancellor Osborne also announced that a 24-hour "super priority" visa service will be available from next summer, making it easier for business visitors to travel to UK.

These changes are made by the British to facilitate the trading activities between the two countries and to compete for Chinese investments in the world market.

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