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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Update of H-1B Cap Lottery Results

USCIS started to release selection results on 3/27, which was earlier than in previous years.  Selection results have continued to show up in the new H-1B registration portal through today, 3/30.  USCIS has twitted that selection results will continue to be released through Monday, 4/1.  However, the majority of selections should have been released today.  Applicants may check with their attorneys and employers to obtain updates of the selection results.  Based on our law firm's data and also anecdotal accounts, the overall selection rate this year hovers around 25%, with a lot better odds for advanced degree holders.  A second drawing may occur in the summer, if USCIS does not receive enough qualified H-1B petitions during the initial filing window through the end of June.  Stay tuned for further details. 

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