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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Update on I-130 adjudications

Regarding the delay in I-130 adjudications, which discussed recently, USCIS provided an update during a meeting between USCIS headquarters and AILA in April 2014.  Specifically, as a result of the transfer of stand-alone I-130 cases from the National Benefits Center to the Nebraska, Texas, and California Service Centers, "USCIS expects the processing of these Form I-130s to be increasingly timely in the ensuing weeks, culminating in the return to an average processing time of five months. "

This is indeed good news for U.S. citizen petitioners.  It should be noted that the delay only affects stand-alone I-130 petitions, most of which are aimed for overseas consular processing.  I-130 petitions that are filed with I-485 applications for adjustment of status in general still enjoy speedy adjudications.

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