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Monday, October 28, 2019

Visa Bulletin Predictions - October 2019 and beyond

Every month after the release of the monthly visa bulletin, DOS Visa Office Chief Mr. Charlie Oppenheim provides his insights on the trends, movements, predictions, etc. regarding the usage of immigrant visa numbers. The following are his most important insights following up on the publication of the October 2019 visa bulletin.

F2A remains current in November and demand continues to remain low. Charlie expects that a final action date will not be needed in the near future. Family preference categories for the Philippines will continue to advance rapidly.

EB-1 Worldwide has very low demand compared to past years. EB-1 Philippines and Vietnam advanced 5 weeks as predicted, while EB-1 China advanced 3 months as predicted.

EB-1 India has not advanced and will not until at least February. Charlie says that 17% of the EB-1 India numbers set aside for Q1 have already been given out. EB-1 China and India would only advance significantly if EB-1 worldwide demand were below annual limits.

EB-1 worldwide will likely return to being current after April of this fiscal year.

Charlie notes that there has been noticeable increase in EB-3 upgrades to EB-2 for India.

EB-3 has had much more worldwide demand this year, much to Charlie's surprise. EB-3 Worldwide is expected to remain current through January.

Charlie predicts that the 8 month difference in final action date for EB-3 and EB-2 China will result in downgrades to EB-3. There has already been a spike in downgrade requests. The result of this is that EB-3 has not advanced in November. These downgrades will allow EB-2 to advance at the expense of delaying movement in EB-3.

All countries except Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are current under EB-4 category
EB-4 India should remain current for now, although it is projected to need a final action date in as early as Q2 this fiscal year.

Charlie is set to give a presentation in Seattle about EB-5 status on October 29, 2019. Hence, projections for that category will come at a later date.

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