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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

USCIS Will Expedite EADs for Healthcare Workers

If you are a healthcare worker who has a pending Employment Authorization Document (EAD) renewal application (Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization) and your EAD expires in 30 days or less or has already expired, you can request expedited processing of your EAD application.

According to the DHS advisory memo, healthcare workers here not only refer to staffs working in the hospital environment but also include home health providers (e.g., nursing, respiratory therapists, health aides) who need to go into the homes of individuals with chronic, complex conditions and/or disabilities to deliver nursing and/or daily living care and home care workers (e.g., home health care, at-home hospice, home dialysis, home infusion, etc.).  

The applicant should provide evidence of his/her profession or current employment as a healthcare worker. If the evidence the applicant provides is not sufficient, USCIS may not accommodate the request for expedited processing of Form I-765. Expedited processing means only that USCIS will process the application faster.  It does not guarantee approval. 

To request expedited processing, the applicant can call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 or make the request through their attorneys.

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