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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

F-1 Student Hardship Employment Extended


Through a policy update, USCIS extended the employment authorization period for F-1 international students who experience economic hardship.  Effective 02/22/2023, USCIS updated its Policy Manual to clarify the validity period of employment authorization for F-1 foreign students experiencing severe economic hardship due to emergent circumstances (also known as special student relief (SSR)).  

USCIS is authorized to grant off-campus SSR employment authorization to F-1 students from a particular region based on severe economic hardship.  Hardship can be caused by events such as natural disasters, financial crises, and military conflicts.

The new policy clarifies that USCIS may grant off-campus SSR employment authorization to an F-1 student for the duration of the Federal Register notice validity period, which is typically an 18-month validity period. However, SSR employment authorization may not extend past the student’s academic program end date. The new policy applies to all pending SSR requests on or after 02/22/2023. 

International students who experience economic hardship should consider taking advantage of this policy change.

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