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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Travel from Canadian Border Restricted for Another Month

 As a response to the worsening COVID-19 situation, the Department of Homeland Security will be extending the travel limit at the Canadian border. Continuing from December 22, 2020 until January 22, 2021, only essential travel will be permitted to minimize contagion. 

Essential travel means U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and army plus dependents returning to America. Travel to receive medical treatment and travel for military operations are also included.  Individuals that must travel for work (truck drivers for cross-border trade, agricultural work) or who are traveling to assist in public health and emergencies are also allowed to cross the border. 

Travel for tourism is explicitly listed as non-essential. As with throughout this pandemic, it is highly advised that you do not travel, especially if you are not a citizen or permanent resident. 

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